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dave spink toolset




A quick reminder for some Cisco commands.


show interface ;to check LMI traffic
show int e0 ;show status of interface
show cdp neighbours detail ;device id, platform, port
show cdp interface ;see interface info
show cdp hosts ;see hosts
show version ;time, how started, hardware rev, ram
show protocols ;summary routed protocols and network address on each interface
show ip interface ;show what interface the access list is bound to
show ip protocols ;details of routed protocols, timers and routing config
show ip access-list ;does not show what interface the list is bound to.
show access-list interface ;see applied access lists
show access-list 187 ;show access-list 187
show run ;show running config

setup ;configure
enable secret password ;set secret only use
enable ;get to privilege mode i.e. router#
disable ;get to user mode i.e. router>
config t ;global configuration changes using config in RAM
config mem ;load local startup config file into RAM
config network ;load TFTP startup config file into RAM
line vty 0 4 ;configure vty must have first and last line number
line console ;set password
line aux ;set password
line tty 0 4 ;set telnet password
int fastethernet 0/1 ;slot/port
config t, int e0, ip address, no shut ;sets IP address
copy running-config startup-config ;copy
erase startup-config ;delete config
erase flash ;delete IOS
motd ;message of the day


show port 2/1 ;show interface
show int ;show int
show vlan ;show vlan
show trunk 2/12 ;show trunk
show vtp domain ;show vtp
show spantree ;show spanning tree
show port channel ;show port channel

set password (usermode) ;set password usermode
set enablepass (enable) ;set password enable
set prompt spink500 ;set hostname
set int sc0 255... ;set IP address
set port enable 2/1 ;set port
set port speed 2/1 100 ;set port speed
set port name 2/1 Sales Printer ;set interface description
clear config all ;erase nvram
erase all nowarning ;erase flash
set vlan 2 name Sales ;creates static vlan
set vlan 2 2/12 ;add ports to vlan
set trunk 2/12 on isl ;set trunking on port
clear trunk 2/12 5 1005 ;clear trunks