San Francisco

dave spink toolset




navicli -h $myspa getsp ;see SP version
navicli -h $myspa getsptime ;see SP time
navicli -h $myspa register -list ;see status of HBA registration
navicli -h $myspa port -list ;see host HBA, port, storage group listing
navicli -h $myspa getcrus ;see status of fan, power, lcc
navicli -h $myspa getlog ;see SP log information
navicli -h $myspa getloop ;check status of BE loop
navicli -h $myspa getcache ;see cache settings
navicli -h $myspa getall -hba ;see HBA details
navicli -h $myspa getcontrol -busy ;summary info, busy vs idle time
navicli -h $myspa getagent ;see agent status
navicli -h $myspa getsniffer -v | grep "Verify State" ;see status


navicli -h $myspa storagegroup -create -gname testsg ;create SG
navicli -h $myspa storagegroup -list -host ;list all SG with Host Attached
navicli -h $myspa storagegroup -list -gname "Storage Group 6" ;list specific SG details
navicli -h $myspa storagegroup -addhlu -gname testsg -hlu 11 -alu 11 ;add LUN to SG
navicli -h $myspa storagegroup -connecthost -host d1pr9tmp -gname testsg ;connect host to SG
navicli -h $myspa storagegroup -sethost -ip -arraycommpath 1 ;sets array commpath (LUNZ) option
navicli -h $myspa storagegroup -sethost -ip -failovermode 1 ;host handles failover
navicli -h $myspa storagegroup -sethost -ip -type 0x3 ;initator type CLARiion Open


navicli -h $myspa getrg | grep "RaidGroup ID" ;list existing raid groups
navicli -h $myspa createrg 59 2_6_0 2_7_0 3_7_0 -rm no -pri high -raidtype r5 ;create raid group 59 with 3 disks across 3 DAEs
navicli -h $myspa getrg 4 -lunlist ;get list of LUNs for this raid group
navicli -h $myspa chgrg 4 -defrag ;defrag this raid group


navicli -h $myspa getlun | grep '^Name' ;see name of existing LUNs
navicli -h $myspa bind r1_0 -rg 0 -rc 1 -wc 1 -sp b -sq GB -cap 120 ;bind LUN 120GB to SP B with read/write cache enabled
navicli -h $myspa unbind 11 ;unbind LUN
navicli -h $myspa bind hs 2016 -rg 4 ;bind hot $myspare to RG 4.
navicli -h $myspa getlun 13 | grep State ;check status of LUN binding
navicli -h $myspa getlun 11 ;see details of LUNs 11
navicli -h $myspa getlun 11 -element ;see element size
navicli -h $myspa chglun -l 7 -d 0 ;change ownership from SPB (1) to $myspa (0)
navicli -h $myspa chglun -l 7 -name 7A ;change LUN name
navicli -h $myspa getlun 7 | grep SP ;see current and default owner
navicli -h $myspa getlun -name -default -owner -rg ;see default owner
navicli -h $myspa getlun trespass ;to see trespassed luns
navicli -h $myspa trespass lun 7 ;must be issued from the SP that the LUN will trespass to
navicli -h $myspa trespass mine ;take all of the LUNs that have this SP as default owner


java -jar ./navicli.jar -address $myspa -user admin -password XXX metalun -list ;older versions
naviseccli -h $myspa metalun -list ;list metaluns
naviseccli -h $myspa metalun -list -metalunnumber 1115 ;see details
navicli -h $myspa setsniffer -rg 101 -bv -bvtime asap ;change background verify to asap on all LUNs in RG
navicli -h $myspa getsniffer -rg 101 ;check status of verify, from owning SP
navicli -h $myspb getsniffer -rg 101 ;you cannot check from non owning SP, hence spb
navicli -h $myspa setsniffer -rg 101 -bv -bvtime medium ;set back to normal
navicli -h $myspa getsniffer -v | grep "Verify State" ;see status


navicli -h $myspa setcache -wszb 1024 -rszb 200 ;set SPB write and read cache in MB
navicli -h $myspa setcache -p 8 ;set cache page size
navicli -h $myspa setcache -l 40 ;set low watermark
navicli -h $myspa setcache -h 60 ;set high watermark
navicli -h $myspa setcache -rca 1 -rcb 1 -wc 1 ;enable read and write cache
navicli -h $myspa getcache ;see cache info


navicli -h $myspa spcollect -messner ;start SP collection
navicli -h $myspa managefiles -list ;see managed file
navicli -h $myspa managefiles -retrieve ;retrieve managed files
navicli -h $myspa trespass mine ;trespass to original owner
navicli -h $myspa rebootsp ;reboot $myspa
navicli -h $myspa port -removehba -hbauid "enter hba uid" ;deregister a host record
naviseccli -AddUserSecurity -password XXXXX -scope 0 -user dspink001 -password xysccc ;create security file


naviseccli -h $myspb analyzer -archive -path ./ ;list of files to retrieve
naviseccli -h $myspb analyzer -archiveretrieve -file $myspb.nar ;retrieve archive spa & spb have same stats
naviseccli -h $myspb analyzer -archivedump -data $myspb.nar -object s -format u ;dump contents
naviseccli -h $myspa analyzer set -narinterval 600 ;sets the collection to 10 min's
naviseccli -h $myspa analyzer -logging -reset ;stops performance collection, clear, starts collection
naviseccli -h $myspa analyzer -status ;see status