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dave spink toolset




bannerShow ;display security banner
cfgShow ;display zone information
errShow ;print error log
fabricShow ;print "fabric" membership info
fanShow ;print fan status
ipAddrShow ;print ethernet and FC IP addresses
licenseShow ;show license details
nsAliasShow ;print local Name Server information with Aliases
portErrShow ;print port error summary
portPerfShow ;print port throughput numbers
portShow 1 ;print detailed state of port one
psShow ;print power supply status
supportShow ;full detailed switch info
switchShow ;print switch and port status
switchStatusShow ;health status
uptime ;print how long switch has been up
version ;print firmware version
zoneShow ;display zone information

bannerSet ;set security banner
configDefault ;reset config to factory default
date ;print/set the system date and time
syslogdIpAdd "" ;add syslog daemon IP address

configDownload ;load switch config from a server
configUpload ;save switch config to a server
fastboot ;reboot this switch, bypassing POST
firmwareDownload ;download firmware into switch - FTP or RSH
h ;print shell history
help ;print this list
passwd ;set usernames and passwords
portDisable ;disable a specified port
portEnable ;enable a specified port
reboot ;reboot this switch
switchDisable ;disable this switch
switchEnable ;enable this switch

aliCreate "d1de0003", "20:00:00:01:73:00:9e:9f" ;create alias
aliShow ;show alias information
zoneCreate "my_zone", "d1de0003; d1pr0005_0" ;Create zone
zoneShow "my_zone" ;Display specific zone information
cfgCreate "prod_cfg", "my_zone" ;create a config and add zones
cfgAdd "prod_cfg", "my_zone" ;add zone to existing config
cfgShow ;see the active zone config
cfgEnable "prod_cfg" ;enable config
cfgSave ;save config

snmpconfig --show snmpv1 ;see snmp details
snmpconfig --set snmpv1 ;set trap recipient, security level
snmpconfig --show accessControl ;see access control
snmpconfig --set accessControl ;set access control
snmpconfig --show mibCapability ;check it's configured
snmpconfig --show seclevel ;anything other than 0 causes issues for ControlCenter

McDATA (mostly GUI driven)

config switch show ;show switch configuration
show nameserver ;see info from name server db
show zoning ;see zone info saved on the switch
showActive ;show active zone info

config ;config branch sets parameters stored in NVRAM
config.zoning ;sub menu where all zoning changes must occur
maint ;maintenance branch for all related maintenance activities
activateZoneset ;activates the zone


show running-configuration ;see running config
show module ;status of supervisor module and line cards
show version ;firmware version
show environment ;status of system clocks, fans, temperature, power
show interface brief ;status of all interfaces configured
show interface fc1/1 ;module plugged into slot 1, port 1
show fcns database ;show login for "all" switches in the fabric
show flogi database ;show login for "a" switch (only) that runs the command
show vsan ;see configured vsan
show vsan membership ;to see ports assigned to vsan
show zoneset active ;to see zoning information currently active
show zoneset active vsan 6 ;to see zoning information currently active on vsan 6
show zoneset ;to see all zoning including no active zones
show zone act | inc USATLKIFSRSS01 ;to see members of active zones

write erase ;erase configuration
setup ;configure basic setup, default user admin with password admin
exit ;to move one level up from "Config" mode
end ;to move directly to "EXEC" top level
config t ;gets you into configuration mode
switch(config)# copy run start ctrl+z ;EXEC mode command run from "Config" using Ctrl+z
switch(config)# no zone name test vsan 1 ;undo a wrong command with "no"
reload ;reboots switch
copy running-config startup-config ;ensure zoning changes are not lost

switch(config)# VSAN database ;get into VSAN DB mode
switch(config-VSAN-db)# VSAN 6 ;if vsan 6 does not exist it will create it
switch(config-VSAN-db)# VSAN 6 name dev_vsan6 ;gives vsan 6 a name
switch(config)# fcdomain domain 5 preferred VSAN 6 ;requests domain ID 5, accepts any returned value
switch(config)# fcalias name d1pr0001 vsan 6 ;creates an alias name for vsan 6
switch(config-fcalias)# member pwwn 20:07:00:60:69:40:17:8b ;associate member to pwwn
switch(config)# zone name devzone1 vsan 6 ;creates a zone called devzone on vsan 6
switch(config-zone)# member pwwn 20:07:00:60:69:40:17:8b ;adds member to zone created above
switch(config-zone)# member fcalias d1pr0001 ;adds member to zone created above
switch(config)# zoneset name devset1 vsan 6 ;create a zone set
switch(config-zoneset)# member devzone1 ;adds zone to zone set
switch(config)# zoneset activate name devset1 vsan 6 ;one active zone set in vsan 6
clear zone database vsan 6 ;delete entire zoning database
zone copy active-zoneset full-zoneset ;you can't edit active zone

show snmp trap ;show details
config terminal ;to setup snmp
switch(config)# snmp-server enable traps ;enable traps
switch(config)# snmp-server community eccadmin rw ;set community
switch# show snmp community ;see community
switch(config)# snmp-server host trap version 2 eccadmin ;configure
switch(config)# exit ;exit
switch# show snmp host ;see snmp hosts