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dave spink toolset




maintenance system sendbundle 3-1234567890 ;generate and upload a support bundle OR failsafe shell, 'akbundle -u'
maintenance system disks show ;see disk health
maintenance problems show ;see issues
configuration storage get scrub ;see rebuild status of drives
maintenance logs select alert show ;to see alerts from CLI
maintenance system restart ;restart AKD daemon
maintenance system updates show ;during upgrade to watch firmware being applied
maintenance workflows> set showhidden=true ;show hidden workflows
maintenance workflows select name="Oracle Get Configuration Information" execute ;run workflow, need to set includeHeader=true, commit
maintenance hardware ls ;get to hardware
maintenance hardware select chassis-000 select sp reset ;reset SP via AKD CLI
maintenance hardware select chassis-000 select slot ls ;see IO slots used
maintenance system factoryreset ;use with caution...
analytics worksheets select name=mytest sendbundle ;send anlaytics bundle
analytics datasets suspend ;suspend all datasets
analytics datasets resume ;resume all datasets
shares select sfdbb select backup01-image get ;see details e.g. snapshot usage


ESC 5 ;refreshes the screen
ESC ( ;exits session
reset /SP ;reset the service processor
start /SP/console ;start a session to connect to host console
stop /SP/console ;gracefully stop session connected to console
stop -f /SP/console ;force stop session connected to console
show /SP/sessions ;show active sessions
show /SP/network ;show IP info
show /SP/console/history ;useful to see what state the console is in prior to starting console
start /SYS ;starts host system i.e the appliance code
stop /SYS ;gracefully stop host system
stop -f /SYS ;forced shutdown of host system
reset /SYS ;reboot host. Tip, have another ssh session open before reset to see cmd take effect.
set /HOST generate_host_nmi=true ;nonmaskable interrupt (NMI), causes core dump


configuration net datalinks> device ;create datalink
configuration net datalinks device (uncommitted)> available ;see available
configuration storage get profile ;pool profile used, profile = mirror_nspf
configuration users get ;see user list
configuration preferences get ;see all preferences
configuration services ntp get ;see NTP
configuration services get ;see services status
configuration net interfaces get ;see NIC setting
configuration alerts thresholds get ;see threshold settings
configuration cluster show ;show cluster
configuration cluster resources show ;show cluster resources
configuration storage list ;see profile type and stauts, use to see NSPF
shares na7 action (uncommitted)> get ;use get see values required


configuration net devices ls ;check link status, from root directory
configuration net datalinks show ;check datalinks
configuration net interfaces show ;see interfaces
configuration net interfaces > select pffff_ibp0 ;first select interface
configuration net interfaces pffff_ibp0 > show ;first select interface
db01# iblinkinfo ;show link state, IP address, host connected
db01# -R -l ;similar to above, with more content
ib# listlinkup ;must be run from IB switch shell


# aklog ./rm.ak | egrep -e 'import|export|takeover|failback' ;see times
# zpool iostat -v poolname ;see VDEV usage
# zpool status -vD ;to see size of dedup DDT
# zpool get all pool3A ;see list of pool status
# zpool status -l ; AK8 included diskinfo and chassis
# egrep -v '/lib|LOCK|^$' rm.ak.txt ;failover times BUNDLE/logs/rm.ak.txt
# zfs get used,available,referenced,reservation poolA/local/testnfs ;to ZFSSA project usage
# echo ::memstat | mdb -k ;memory details
# nc -vz 443 ;checks phone home connection