San Francisco

dave spink toolset


Deep Learning Benchmark Suite ...For testing machine learning frameworks e.g. Tensorflow, PyTorch, Caffe2 etc.

Docker ...I needed to learn docker for the Verizon (VMG) labs DLBS project.

Cloud Lift and Shift ...My first "lift and shift" into the Oracle Cloud for a customer.

Sales Engineering ...Opportunity execution, IO discovery, and other tools for Sales Engineers.

Scripting ...Various KSH scripts for automation - storage provisioning, data protection, health checks etc.

HTML ...My native HTML and Javascript used for this website.

Solaris ...Various system administration tasks and commands I performed.

Path to Inst ...An example of troubleshooting and solving a complex problem for a critical business system.

Linux ...Various Linux tasks and commands I used while working as a SysAdmin.

ZFS Storage Appliance ...Procedures, commands and scripts used during POC's and customer support. I was a member of Oracle's Elite Enginnering Exchange (EEE) team.

EMC Symmetrix ...Procedures, commands, and scripts used in a large enterprise environment (PwC).

EMC CLARiiON ...Procedures, commands, and scripts.

EMC Celerra ...Procedures, commands, and scripts.

EMC RecoverPoint ...Completed a large data centre migration using RecoverPoint.

Storage Area Networks (SAN) ...Storage administrator using Brocade, McData and Cisco SANs.

Veritas NetBackup ...Data protection procedures, automation and commands.

Veritas Volume Manager ...Various file system and volume manager tasks.

Nagios ...We implemented NetSaint for pro-active system monitoring and created customized scripts.

GnuPG ..The business required an encryption method for sending documents to a Bank.

DNS ..To document our internal DNS deployment.

E10K ..Memories of managing large high-end multiprocessor servers.